Ayrin Gharibpour

I’m an Iranian artist born and raised in Tehran. I have a BFA in Graphic Design from the Art University of Tehran. I have worked as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and photographer for various studios and institutes including: Institute of Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults,Iran Cultural Studies institute,Ney Davood Records,Aran Puppet Theater Group,Zeeen Craft Shop.
My interest in theater, especially puppet theater art, stems from being born into a theatrical family. For the past six years I have primarily been working with children as well as working freelance. In addition to teaching, I have also created theater and puppet theater projects for children at schools and institutes in Tehran.
I’m a music enthusiast: I sing, play the oud and the violin. Travel is a big part of my life and I’m fluent in Farsi, English and Italian. I’ve studied in Italy, the UK and the USA and love visiting new places and learning new things. My next project is to study animation.


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